NEW! Strong with its experience, La Minerva now launches its series of refrigerated, premium quality and even more improved and reliable mincers!


    -Casing and feed pan in AISI 304 stainless steel
    -Cut: Enterprise: 1 plate and 1 knife in self-sharpening stainless steel;
              Unger: Ø 82, 3 pieces; Ø 98, 5 stainless steel pieces, with two rings
    -Cover and glass can be dismounted for cleaning
    -Indipendent mincing and refrigerating operations
    -Electric components housed in an hermetic container with IP56 protection rating. N.V.R. low-voltage               controls (24V)


    -Version “R” and “W” for mincing only
    -Version “RH” and “WH” with semi-automatic hamburger attachment
    -Version “W” and “WH” with window illuminated by LED
    -See the specific documentation for industrial type chilled meat-mincers; C/E660 R, C/E701 R, C/E700 R-RE


    -Low-noise sealed compressor
    -Electric thermostat for precision temperature control. Optimum working temperature : +1°C
    -Accessible internal parts for easy and quick servicing
    -Refrigerating gas with low or no environmental impact
    -Feed pan refrigerated on 5 sides and transparent cover

Technichal Specifications

Meat mincer 32 C/E R32

  • Brand: la Minerva
  • Product Code: Meat mincer 32 C/E R32
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