Refrigerated stainless steel counter meat mincer for medium production levels

The highest hygiene in processing in respect of the HACCP methodology; in order to improve the service to the customer. A sturdy, reliable machine. For food stores and catering.

Strong with its experience la Minerva, now launches its new series of refrigerated, premium quality and even more improved and reliable mincers.


    -AISI 304 stainless steel casing and feed pan

    -AISI 304 stainless steel internal head, easy to clean

    -Enterprise version: 1 self sharpening plate and 1 stainless steel knife

    -Unger version: 5 pieces for 32 model (Ø 98)

    -Ventilated motor, start, stop and reverse


    -Low-noise sealed compressor

    -Electronic thermostat for precision tenperature control

    -Accessible internal parts for easy and quick servicing

    -Ecological refrigerating gas

    -Refrigerated feed-pan


Meat mincer 32 A/E32 R

  • Brand: la Minerva
  • Product Code: Meat mincer 32 A/E32 R
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