Meat Mincer 32-98 C/E660 F

-Stainless steel meat mincers with table.

-Powerful and compact. For meat laboratories and supermarkets.

Main Characteristics

-External head in AISI 304 stainless steel:

-Enterprise: 1 plate and 1 knife in self-sharpening stainless steel

-Unger:ø 98, 5 stainless steel pieces, with two rings

-Larger barrel and tube feeder, 50% to 80% extra capacity as compared with traditional meat mincers 32

-Excellent mincing performance, thanks to a special design and the very small tolerance between worm and barrel

-Easy to fit, sturdy head fixing

-Casing and feed pan in AISI 304 stainless steel

-Easy and safe to clean; the head, the feed pan, the tube and the mincing group can be removed to be thoroughly washed, without        any risk of damaging the machine

-Forced ventilated motor, for continuous use

-Start, emergency stop and reserve push-button commands are fitted with low tension (24V) NVR

-Electrical parts are contained in an IP 56 rated water-tight box

-The machine complies with CE regulations on hygiene and safety and with specific regulations for meat grinders


Meat mincer 32-98 C/E660 F

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